Answerwest Technology

Since 1988 Answerwest Answering Service has been committed to harnessing the power of the world’s leading telecommunications technology, which reduces labor costs and increases profitability for you and your business.

Answerwest’s patented, award-winning call center system is specifically designed to provide the most reliable service, technology and support. Our technologies feature an innovative design that offers state-of-the-art messaging and voice-processing technologies, true open architecture, advanced digital switching technology, and complete statistics.

Answerwest’s customer service representatives enjoy efficient agent desktops and one-touch keyboard functionality for easy navigation and increased performance. Our investment in the world’s leading telecommunications technology means we deliver a better service than our competitors at a price that’s palatable to the diverse range of companies we serve.

  • Advanced System

    Our unified system is an innovative design offering state-of-the-art messaging and voice processing technologies, and tools like automatic call distribution (ACD), voice processing, text messaging, PBX capabilities and digital switching.

  • Customized Applications

    By creating customized applications, agents can collect data more effectively and quickly respond to your caller’s needs more efficiently.

  • Database Connectivity

    Our system integrates directly with databases, making it easy for agents to search for existing information and update databases when needed. When agents perform database searches, our system automatically fills out client information and processes calls, virtually error-free.

  • Detailed Reporting

    With the information gathered through the database, we provide you with descriptive reporting based on your needs. These reports can be emailed to you weekly or monthly, as you prefer.

  • Faster Call Processing

    We create your script for easy maneuverability, readability, and increased productivity. Validation tools, which verify zip codes, phone numbers and other critical information, also increase accuracy.

  • Monitored Calls

    Our system automatically records inbound and outbound calls as .wav files that are effortlessly stored in an ODBC-compliant database. These can be sent to our clients directly via email. This feature allows us to confirm important client information, helps monitor our agents’ customer service skills, and improve our agents’ call handling abilities.