Business Solutions

You’ve got a business to run. And we have the team to take your customers the extra mile.

An answering service, in general, is an essential service for most businesses. It provides streamlined communication for callers regardless of the time that they call.
Your customers can then reach a live person, who is a professional, knowledgeable, and helpful embodiment to what your company stands for. This level of service shows customers that they come first and that their phone call is always worthy of being answered.

At Answerwest, all of our simple-to-sophisticated answering service packages embody all of these qualities, so you can rest assured that your phone is always answered just as you would if you were doing it yourself.

Local Phone Number

Additionally, some businesses need a Nevada-based telephone number with a live operator to fully establish their local presence. At Answerwest, we provide this service for hundreds of companies every year, saving our customers money, time, and exposure to risk.


24/7 Customer Service

We’re open 24 hours a day, so your business doesn’t have to be. We help your customres do business with you. We take phone and web orders, and we answer questions based on the information you provide.

Overflow and Busy Service

You can’t be everywhere at once, but we can. So, when you’re tied up with business, Answerwest can assist your customers and make sure your business never misses a call opportunity.

Help Desk

We can build sophisticated help desk applications to assist callers and solve problems. Our scripting and branching capabilities allow us to control the flow of the call, and our agents can guide the caller through a problem by following your script, reducing human error.

Appointment Scheduling

Answerwest converts the traditional appointment book into a full-featured virtual scheduling and appointment book and extends your front desk operating hours to 24/7.

Event Registration

We can register your callers for classes, workshops, and seminars. You can select from a list of available events, and we’ll maintain the registration status for each, so you don’t overbook or schedule events with low attendance.

Order Entry

We can create sophisticated order entry applications to ensure accuracy. We apply customized taxation based on the caller’s location or items ordered. Once we have taken the order, we can send it to you via e-mail, batch delivery, or fax for fulfillment.




  • Having a good answering service is one of the keys to success in my 24/7 business. Take it from me, you cannot go wrong using Answerwest. I base this on my personal experience with Answerwest for the past ten years of good service. Their rates are fantastic. Their operators and management staff are outstanding. Answerwest has an unparalleled service quality with attention to detail. I am always informed of what’s going on via text message, recorded customer message, or email. Cherie and her staff have always been on point when it comes to taking care of my business, and I recommend them for your business needs.
    – Chris Burgarello, President, High Standard Security Systems, Inc.

  • Since we are usually out giving estimates, we are rarely in the office. We don’t have a full time receptionist, so we need reliable telephone coverage when we can’t answer our phones. Most of our customers will hang up if they don’t get a live person on the phone right away and will just call the very next company. Answerwest agents are professional and make sure all new business calls are transferred to us right away so we don’t lose the sale. We have never missed a call or received a complaint in the 8 years we have been in business. Their customer reports are invaluable and have allowed us to map out when our peak call volume comes in so we are prepared. Answerwest is a necessity in our business!
    – Ben Pierce, President, Loading Helpers

  • I just wanted to recognize your service as excellent and say thank you. I brought our account to you from another service that, as hard as I tried, could not get our call-out correct. Answerwest has made all of our changes seamless and it is an extremely rare occurrence that Answerwest doesn’t get it right. I appreciate Answerwest’s attention to detail and quality service. I am sure the employees of Answerwest, much like the utility guys here at Northstar C.S.D., rarely hear from the public that their work is appreciated. From the entire N.C.S.D. staff, thank you!
    – Matt Ryan, Utilities Operations, Manager Northstar Community Services District

  • Reno Tahoe Limousine has used Answerwest since 2007.  Their service is superior to our previous answering service.
    Answerwest quickly delivers any standard information to our customers and forwards any emergency or more complicated calls to our on call staff with ease. Most of the time our clients have no idea they are speaking with an answering service.
    Peace of mind is what you’re paying for with Answerwest. With intelligent call screening, 24/7 polite and punctual staff, and affordable rates, Answerwest is and will always be seamlessly integrated with our business model. We would have to hire at least 3-4 more full time employees without them
    – Eric Trudeau, Operations Manager, Reno Tahoe Limousine